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Unparalleled Selection and Uncompromising Quality

Our extensive product line contains over 1,000 products with incredible depth in each modality, all developed exclusively for use by healthcare practitioners. Moreover, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the quality, consistency and effectiveness of every product. We source the highest quality, natural raw materials - anywhere in the world; process those materials with methods that maximize their purity, energy and/or bioactivity; formulate them into products that contain the right combinations and potencies based on research and our practitioners' clinical experience; and deliver finished products in capsules, liquids, powders or creams that maximize absorption and effectiveness.

    Glandular Combinations
    Pure Glandulars

    Encapsulated Herbs
    Liquid Extracts
    Liquid Combinations

    Mineral Formulations
    Mineral Formulas
    Oligo Elements

    Vitamin Formulas
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin E
    Specialty Formulas
    Proteins & Amino Acids

    Homeopathic Remedies
    Allersode (Desensitization) Formulas
    Cell Salts
    Combination Formulas
    Emotional Therapies
    Gemstone Therapies
    Genesis Seed Therapies
    Liquescence (Drainage) Formulas
    Multi-Potency Singular Homeopathics
    Mycotoxin Formulas
    Nosode Attenuations
    Oriental Herbal Remedies
    Sarcode (Endocrine) Formulas
    Xenobiotic (Detoxification) Formulas
    Veterinary Formulas

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