Individualized Products

We offer individualized products that are easy to use and clinically proven, even for tough cases. Our broad line of targeted macronutrients and hand-succussed homeopathic remedies work together - or with your existing protocols - to provide synergistic biochemistry and energetic stimulation. So it is easy for practitioners to individualize treatment plans focused on specific symptoms/conditions, body systems, organs, allergens, pathogens, or toxins.

Our products are grouped into four primary categories:

In many cases, practitioners choose products from three or four categories as part of a treatment plan that provides effective symptom relief, helps the body restore healthy organ/system function, and addresses the underlying cause of dysfunction.

In addition to these primary categories, we also provide a variety of other products designed for more specialized use. These products address the mind-body connection, support specific enzyme/hormone function, or are designed specifically for veterinary use.

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