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June Webinar: Targeted Products for Thyroid Support

According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, thyroid disease is the leading endocrine disorder in the United States and hypothyroidism specifically accounts for the nation's most prescribed pharmaceutical, Synthroid.

Functional Protocols for Thyroid Function
  • HPT Biochemistry
  • Interpreting Serum Labs
  • Environmental Toxicity
  • New Zealand Glandular Formulas
  • Nutrients for Hypo- and Hyperthyroidism

This webinar covers a broad range of thyroid-related health topics including common signs and symptoms of dysfunction; relevant labs; clinical treatment strategies; and products that support thyroid health and/or provide relief from common symptoms. Click here to watch!

Reminder: Pain & Inflammation Webinar — Watch Now

Pain is the most common presenting complaint in the United States and it is the number one reason why people seek complementary and alternative medicine. Our webinar discusses various pain presentations, their root causes, and clinical strategies for providing short- and long-term relief. Click here to watch!

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