Exceptional Products for Healthcare Practitioners

For more than 30 years, Professional Formulas has provided healthcare practitioners with individualized products that are easy to use and clinically proven, even for tough cases.

We sell our products exclusively to healthcare practitioners, whose knowledge and experience are invaluable in assessing patient health, selecting the right natural medicines, and monitoring treatment.

We offer a broad line of targeted macronutrients and homeopathic remedies. So it is easy for practitioners to individualize treatment plans focused on specific symptoms/conditions, body systems, organs, allergens, pathogens, or toxins.

Our products are designed to work together - or with your existing protocols - to provide the body with synergistic biochemistry, vitality, and energetic stimulation. And we go to extraordinary lengths to guarantee the quality and efficacy of every product.

We invite you to get to know Professional Formulas. We look forward to serving you.